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Friday, August 28, 2020

Yesterday I had the opportunity to practice trusting in God. I had been cautious about the, “Back to school plan.” Not assuming that the classes we made in the spring were going to hold up, with all the changes. On Wednesday, I went to a meeting and it was confirmed that the classes were staying the same. Now I felt like I could start planning and get organized. Yesterday, I received an email at mid-day, letting us know that the board made major changes across all schools and we were losing a teacher. There were options for anyone who wanted to teach virtually, to take that opportunity, but if no one offered, it went by seniority. Unfortunately, I have the lowest seniority at my school. I had not mentally prepared for this possibility. Naturally, I was upset. I love my school community. I love my administrator and colleagues. I was not wanting to teach virtually. One of the first things that came into my mind was, “Do you trust me?” Does trusting Him mean that you do not get upset in the moment, because if it did, I was struggling? I do trust that God has an amazing plan and purpose for my life. I know a part of me that needs some growth is to not react so much when things like this happen. I think I will find out by the end of the day today, whether or not I am in the classroom. Trusting that His plan will prevail and that my attitude will be right.

A while after I wrote this, I got an text from my principal, saying that someone offered to teach online and that I am able to come back and teach a homeroom. It will not be the grade I thought I was having and will be another split. I was relieved and so thankful for those who knew of my situation and prayed for me.

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