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Saturday, June 21, 2020

Walking in Daddy’s Shoes By Jen Hardy (guest writer)

One day I snuck into the hallway and stood in front of the big shoe rack. I looked at the different pairs of shoes belonging to my dad and thought about what it would be like to walk in his shoes.

His big and heavy work boots with the dents and scratches he wears every day smelled like hard work. I took them off of the rack and slipped both feet in, imagining how I would go to work and provide for my family one day, just like he does for us.

Beside his boots were his running shoes. As I slipped the blue pair on my feet I pictured trying to run as fast as him. He loves to run, jump, and be active with us whenever he can.

Next, I picked up his pair of shiny black dress shoes and remembered how he dresses up in a nice shirt and tie for special occasions. He is pretty handsome when he does that and I like to dress up with him.

The last pair of shoes I tried on were his slippers. Whenever he comes home, he puts on his comfy slippers and sits with us on the couch, watching silly TV shows or reading a nice book.

My daddy’s feet are way bigger than mine, but one day my feet will fit into his shoes perfectly and I'll fully understand what it's like to walk in daddy's shoes.

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