Jubilee Kids

Sunday, September 13, 2020

I have to say, I did miss writing the newsletter this past week. There were times when I would have been writing it that I thought it would be good to reflect on my day a little more. The opportunity to trust God presented itself in a major way again this week. There was already a lot of trusting involved, trying to understand how I was supposed to implement all the new rules and regulations, to keep my students safe. Then on Thursday, I was informed that they may decide that we had one staff too many and if someone had to leave, it would be me. Two weeks before, there was an afternoon spent where someone had to volunteer to go to the virtual school or it would fall to me. Someone did volunteer, but the next week we had a lot of new registrations and that person was called back and had to set up a classroom at the last minute. This week, students that we thought were returning, changed their minds and now we were down almost as many as registered. When I found out, there was a lot of confusion about what would happen. Where would I go to teach? When would I find out? The one thing that continued to come to my mind when I thought about it was, “Where would I go, but to the Lord.” I cannot say that I confidently trusted the Lord. There were doubts. I know He has the best plan for me. The one possibility was that I would be moved to another school and have to spend the weekend packing up my classroom and moving to a new one, to start at my new school on Monday. Thankfully, it was decided that I could stay and that classes will likely switch again in November, when people return from virtual school. As for the days I spent with my students, they were great! I am not sure we know and understand how everything works, however, we are working on it and being flexible. I have challenges ahead because of some very high educational needs in my class, but am praying and believing that God will give me wisdom to have a breakthrough with these students. Grateful to remain in a place where I believe I am called to. Reminding myself that I have been given great opportunities, each day, that I cannot take for granted.

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