Jubilee Kids

Friday, July 3, 2020

I do not know about you, but there are certain things that I know will take a lot of time and/or effort and I put off doing them. Usually they are a necessary and may be an unpleasant task. For me I get the most accomplished when I make a list. I am pretty stubborn about setting goals and making sure to finish. If it makes it on the list, the likelihood of it getting done is fairly high. In some cases I have spent so much time worrying about it, that I could have done the job a few times over. It takes discipline to live the life that we want, whether that be in our spiritual life, goals for fitness, career or the many things we do. Today I am going to start a few things that I have been putting off. First, I need to get them on the list.

What Joy is Found

Nursery/Mini Church Ages 0-5 - Day 7

Bible Story


Colouring Sheet

Kid’s Church Ages 6-11 - Day 3



Challenge Card

Pre Teen 12+ - Day 4