Jubilee Kids

Sunday, September, 27, 2020

The older I get, the more I realize that there are not a great number of things that are in my control. What I have noticed more and more is that I need to keep checking my attitude. When I have situations that are a regular part of my life and I continue to be negative about them, each time I experience them, I am frustrated and have nothing good to say about it. If I look at the way that I am approaching these situations and realize that I am expecting it not to go well, then guess what happens? It does not go well. If I change my attitude, (which is not always easy), and seek out God’s help, even though I am in the same situation, it can be a positive experience. It probably will not be perfect, but it can be better. I love some of the lyrics in the Hillsong Worship song, “Hosanna,” “Show me how to love like You, have loved me. Break my heart for what breaks Yours.” We need to consider that these situations are likely part of an area of growth for us. Maybe it is not what we would choose, if a choice were given, but if we are truly seeking God’s purpose in our life, we need to do the things given to us with His heart.

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