Jubilee Kids

Sunday, February 7, 2021

I do not think there has ever been a quote that is more true or appropriate. Imagine if we read this last year? We would have never have believed that we would be in the current situation that we are in. I feel like emotions are very extreme right now. Either the highest high or the lowest low. One thing I have been discovering is that appreciation goes a long way. Acknowledging even the smallest thing, can really change a persons day. So many people are crying out for help. Feeling overwhelmed. We can be the light in the darkness. Offering up an encouraging word, a small gift, communicating that we are praying for them. Sometimes these opportunities come when we least expect them and we have to consciously take the time to offer the hope that we have been given. We also need to be careful that we are appreciating everything that has been given to us. When we are tempted to complain because our circumstances seem more than we can handle, we need to look around and give thanks. Let us be intentional about the way that we are living out the life of Christ in us.

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