Jubilee Kids

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

I received the most extravagant porch delivery yesterday. It was from one of my oldest, (in the best sense), and dearest friends. The kind of friend that maybe you do not get together a lot with. Some seasons, you work on a project together and have a lot of time to build your relationship. Other seasons, you are moving in different directions, but the foundation is still there. There are many things I admire about my friend. She is one of the most generous people, in terms of encouraging others. One of her goals, when she meets someone, is to determine what their gifts are and learn more about them. She is amazingly creative! I could compare myself to her, but I would come up short. One of the best things about us being friends is that we compliment each other. In these difficult days of not being able to get together with friends, face to face, there are still opportunities to be a great friend. Surprising them with a porch delivery, sending an encouraging text, taking the time to call, and so on. As independent as I am, there are not many things that hold a candle to a great friendship.


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