Jubilee Kids

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Been reading the story of Moses, in my morning devotions. It got me thinking about the times when Moses kept telling God all the reasons why he should not be the one to set His people free from slavery. He had so many reasons and excuses. God had called Moses. God has called us. Do we make excuses and give all kinds of reasons why we cannot do what He has called us to? If I am seeking God and asking that His plan and purpose be completed in my life, I cannot make excuses when I think the task is too difficult. I need to remember that the tasks need to be carried out with God’s leading and guiding. Not in my own strength. On my own, I cannot do it. This week I am fully realizing something that I feel completely inadequate to accomplish. I am teaching Grade 4. There is a boy in my class that cannot read. He does not even know all the letters of the alphabet, some days. I worked with him when I was a Learning Resource Teacher and he was in Senior Kindergarten. I was trying to get him to recognize the letters in his name. I did not feel very successful. He is now able to print his name, although the first day he left out the last letter. Over the days that we have been back to school, he has repeatedly told me that he cannot read. He seems upset by this fact. I am not sure how he felt about it in the past. The other day he was asked to list five things that went really well this week. One of the items he told me was that this is going to be the year he learns how to read. My heart. How am I going to accomplish something that no one has been able to do, thus far? Is it even possible? I am praying and believing that I will be able to discover the missing piece of this puzzle and that God will lead me to the people or resources that I need to be able to do it. I need to keep reminding myself that, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

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