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Monday, August 17, 2020

Still reading, “The Purpose Driven Life,” by Rick Warren. The portion of reading I found thought provoking was about sharing your life message. “Your life message includes your life lessons. The second part of your life message is the truths that God has taught you from experiences with Him. These are lessons and insights you have learned about God, relationships, problems, temptations and other aspects of life.” Here are some of the questions he suggests to build your life message with:

  • “What has God taught me from failure?

  • What has God taught me from a lack of money?

  • What has God taught me from pain, sorrow or depression?

  • What has God taught me through waiting?

  • What has God taught me through illness?

  • What has God taught me from disappointment?

  • What have I learned from my family, my church, my relationships, my small group, and my critics?”

I thought these were all really good questions to consider. If we are to be sharing our life message with people, we need to have clearly thought it out, so that they see Christ flowing throughout. We have all come a long way and learned so much.

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