Jubilee Kids

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

I got a call yesterday morning, one that I do not think I was expecting. It was a call informing me that a friend of the family had passed away from Covid-19. He was in his 50’s. Healthy, by all accounts. I am not sure if I thought that this would strike so close to home. Yes, there are a lot of people getting sick and some are dying. But someone I knew? I did not realize that I was going to need yesterdays post so much in my own life, but even when I lead worship at church, I am usually, “Preaching to the choir.” I do not have a lot of understanding about the why’s of our current situation. I seem to have a million questions and it seems like the answer that is given for most is, “We don’t know.” There is only one answer I have in times like these, run to the Father.

Run to the Father

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