Jubilee Kids

Sunday, June 6, 2021

If you’re spending more time talking about your problems than you are about God’s promises, that’s out of balance. The Scripture says, “God watches over His Word to perform it.” It doesn’t say God watches over our complaints or our begging, “God, please, this isn’t fair. You have to turn this around.” Yes, He’s concerned and sees the wrongs, but what moves Him to act is when He hears you speak His Word. It’s very powerful when you switch over to thanking Him for what He’s promised.

Make a list of what God has promised you and put it on your phone, your bathroom mirror, and your computer, and all through the day put Him in remembrance. God has never failed in the past, and He’s not going to start with you. It may not happen your way or on your timetable, but God is true to His Word. When you’re constantly saying, “God, You promised,” that’s what allows Him to bring promises to pass.

A Prayer for Today“Father, thank You that You promised You would do exceedingly abundantly above and beyond what I can imagine. Thank You that You have never failed to be true to Your Word and fulfill Your promises. I believe You are watching over Your Word to perform it in my life. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.” Taken from: Today’s Word with Joel and Victoria.

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