Jubilee Kids

Saturday, July 25, 2020

I feel like I have been paying more attention to the battle in my mind lately. I like to exercise. There are many times while I am running that my mind tells me to stop. Sometimes, I make deals with myself. If you just go so much further, you can stop. The thing is, by the time I have reached that distance, I have moved on in my mind and can go the full distance that I had planned. We need to make sure that we do not let our feelings determine our outcomes. If I did that, I would never reach my fitness goals or likely, any other goals I set for myself. When you find yourself in the midst of the battle in your mind, pray, praise, quote scripture, whatever it is that you can do to win the battle and continue on the path that leads to victory.


Nursery/Mini Church Ages 0-5 - Day 5

Bible Story


Colouring Sheet

Kid’s Church Ages 6-11 - Day 1



Challenge Card

Pre Teen 12+ - Day 2