Jubilee Kids

Friday, July 24, 2020

Yesterday I was struggling with having patience. I was trying to use our gas powered trimmer to edge our sidewalk. It does not sound like it should be a monumental task, however, my husband seems to have bought the trimmer thread that is not quite the right size. So every 10 seconds, it would fly out. I would have to stop and put a new piece back in, only to have it happen again and again. I found myself losing patience rather quickly with this task, that was becoming so time consuming, just because the thread was not exactly what I needed. I was having visions of putting the whole trimmer in the middle of the road and having someone run it over. Something stirred inside of me, reminding me to have patience. There was nothing wrong with the trimmer, maybe there was something wrong with the operator, but it was the thread that was the most problematic. I felt like there was a parallel to my life. Sometimes there is one small part that is not working properly. I need to have patience. and a good attitude. At the same time, I need to address the issue and figure out how I can fix it. Maybe it is some physical, financial, spiritual or emotional challenge. If you know the solution, get to it. If you do not, pray and seek help from the Word of God.

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