Jubilee Kids

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

On Monday, I finally received the Mother’s Day gift that Ethan promised me. Ethan is involved in Power lifting. He has been training for quite a few years now and has entered two competitions. Before he started this, I had no idea what was involved. Power lifting is squat, dead lift and bench press. Rewinding to March, when his gym closed. We ordered all the equipment he would need to continue his training. At that point everything was supposedly in stock and it would be six weeks. We finally picked it up last week. My Mother’s Day gift was that he was going to create a lifting program for me. I like to exercise, but have never really lifted heavy weights. Monday was my first session. I knew I wanted to start off light, making sure to learn the techniques. Yesterday, sitting and walking up and down stairs caused me pain. I know it will only last a day or two and remind myself of the, “No pain, no gain,” quote. I can easily apply this to exercise or even my visits to the massage therapist. Why do I have so much trouble when I am experiencing financial, emotional, mental or spiritual pain? The same principle should apply. Pain is uncomfortable. The progress we can make after we have practiced and learned certain things can be transformational. I need to do a better job, accepting the pain that this life brings. Keeping my focus on the outcomes, not the struggle.

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