Jubilee Kids

Sunday, January 17, 2021

The above was a verse from my nightly devotional. I have this scripture committed to memory, yet it resonated with me this week and I thought of it often. If we are yoked to Christ, we will go where He wants us to go. We will find rest, when we are yoked to Christ. His yoke is easy. Why do I make it so complicated? This week was a trial. The expectations put on me by my job were more than I thought I could handle. They are not too much to handle, if I yoke myself together with Christ. It took a few days for me to give up control. I still have to perform my part of the bargain because when you are yoked to something you do not just let it drag you around. We are living in times where most everything is out of our control. What are the things that you are carrying around that you have not let go of and yoked yourself with Christ? His yoke is easy and His load is light. Doesn’t that sound like a breath of fresh air right now?

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Nursery/Mini Church Ages 0-5 - Day 1

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