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Thursday, August 27, 2020

Love this! Had to share! From Christine Caine’s, Living Life Undaunted.

“It’s an easy thing to say we trust God, but it is definitely not an easy thing for some of us to do -- especially if we come from a background where our trust has been consistently betrayed. In order to last the distance, we need to strongly develop the habit of not trying to control and orchestrate our lives and futures, but rather give them to God.

It is one thing to plan and prepare for the future, but another to try to manipulate events, people, or circumstances. I have learned that I cannot control people or events. God is sovereign. I am not. When I learned to trust and rest in the sovereignty of God. I found that my life became so much more peaceful. Stress, anxiety, worry, scheming, and fretting will not take you to your destiny any quicker. In fact, they are likely to sabotage your future.

When we believe that God truly cares for us. It is so much easier to cast our cares upon him. No one is going to entrust anything that matters to them to someone who does not care for them. Today, I want you to know that God’s plan for you are for good and not evil. God started this work in you, and He will bring it to completion.

If God is for you, then who can be against you? You can trust Him with every detail of your life.”

Moment of Reflection

Can you think of any area of areas in your life that you have not relinquished control to God?

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