Jubilee Kids

June 19, 2020

It is much easier to be judgemental, than to love. Love is what is asked of us. People can say the right things, but there is a difference between saying things and your actions. I have had many discussions with people about what their comfort levels are right now. Some people are very cautious, not really wanting to go back to normal life. Others are ready to get back into the thick of things. It is often difficult to understand the rationale of people who are thinking completely the opposite of the way that we do. When we are struggling with this, it is a problem with us. We need to pray and ask God to help us love like Him.

Stand In Your Love

Nursery/Mini Church Ages 0-5 - Day 8

Bible Story


Colouring Sheet

Kid’s Church Ages 6-11 - Day 3



Challenge Card

Pre Teen 12+ - Day 3