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Sunday, January 3, 2021

We made it through 2020! I am not a big person for resolutions. I am, however, a person who sets goals. I have decided that I need to better control my reaction to things. It has taken me a long time to realize that the only thing and person I can control is ME. I have spent many a day feeling upset and being unhappy with a situation or circumstance in my life. What a waste of energy! The truth is, I am going to face challenges and disappointments in my life. I can look at them as complete setbacks or I can see them as opportunities for growth. The quote below really resonated with me and encouraged me set a new goal for 2021. I know I will not be able to do it on my own, but know I can with the help of my Father.

Author and speaker Jim Rohn on the best response to the disappointments of life:

"Let’s face it … people and events are going to continue to both hurt and disappoint you. Among the people will be those you most love, as well as those you least know. Seldom is it their intent to purposely hurt you, but rather, a variety of situations mostly beyond your control will cause them to act, speak, or think in ways which can have an adverse effect upon you, your present feelings and emotions, and the way your life upholds. It has been this way through six thousand years of recorded history, and your hurt or grief is not the first time a human has been deeply hurt by the inappropriate actions of another.

The only way to avoid being touched by life––the good as well as the bad––is to withdraw from society, and even then you will disappoint yourself, and your imagining about what is going on out there will haunt you and hurt you. Knowing this, there is but one solution that will support you when people and events hurt you, and that is to learn to work harder on your personal growth than anything else. Since you cannot control the weather, or the traffic, or the one you love, or your neighbors, or your boss, then you must learn to control you … the one whose response to the difficulties of life really counts."

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