Jubilee Kids

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

I had a good wipe out yesterday. I was getting something out of our shed, that has a ramp to get in and out of it. It was wet. I was wearing rubber boots. I was not even thinking I needed to be careful. On my way out, I went flying. That did not feel good. I got up and was thankful that I do lots of things to keep my body healthy and strong. I confessed, “Thank you Lord, that by the stripes of Jesus I am healed.” I kept going on the outdoor projects for many hours after that. Now, I know this quote is not talking about my physical falling, but when something happens in our life that causes us to fall, what is our first response? Shock, is a natural response, but after that wears off what do you do? Sometimes it is easy just to wallow in our pain, telling everyone we can about our troubles. I have found that not everyone needs to know. If I am in a really challenging fight, I find it is best for me to only tell those that I know will pray and believe with me. Yes, it can feel good to have someone feel sorry for me, but that is not going to help much. We need to get up and take a stand. Trusting and believing that the things God says in His Word are true.

The Stand

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