Jubilee Kids

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Almost everything in this time of pandemic has become more difficult. From doing the basic, everyday things like getting groceries, schooling, work and so on, changes have taken place. I guess it is because my dad is in local government, that I feel strongly about praying more fervently for our leaders during these unprecedented times. Yes, they signed up for it, but who could have foreseen what we would be faced with? From my perspective, being in leadership is always a difficult place, not only those that represent their communities or countries, but in any type of leading. You are never going to please everyone, no matter how many hours you spend or what you do. Right now they need our prayer, not our criticism. They need wisdom about how to legislate so that people can be safe. You may not have voted for them or agree with anything they stand for. That is not the point. The Bible clearly tells us in Romans 13:1 that we are to submit to them. If we believe God is in control, then he knew they would be in leadership at this time and while they may not feel equipped or prepared, He is still able work and move through them.

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