Jubilee Kids

Monday, March 30, 2020

I don’t know about you, but we had a pretty powerful storm roll through yesterday. It thundered, was a deluge of rain, became extremely dark, and the wind was very powerful. The storm did not last very long. After about 45 minutes, the sun was shining, and had it not been for the puddles that lined the sidewalk and road, you might not have even known that it happened. I feel like right now, we are in the powerful storm. For some of us, we know that there will be an end in sight and the sun will shine again. For others, it is difficult to get your mind off what is currently happening and see the positive effects of a storm. Without rain, things do not grow. Without wind, things do not get stronger. Without darkness, we would not easily know the difference between day and night. So as the storm is raging around you, let Him calm you. When the storm is all over, be sure to thank Him for the lessons this storm has taught you.


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