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Sunday, December 27, 2020

Here we are again. I had a few things on my heart and mind that I wanted to share, so I am glad to have another chance at the blog. I was reading Numbers 13, the story of when Moses sent the spies to check out the promised land. I am sure most of us can remember that ten of the spies came back and gave a negative report. Yes, the land was fruitful and something they wanted. The land could not be taken. There were giants, the land was fortified. Joshua and Caleb had a different opinion. They knew it was the right place and the right time to take hold of the promised land. The Israelite’s did not share the opinion of Joshua and Caleb. They ended up travelling around the desert for years, until all the unbelievers had passed.

After reading this passage of scripture, it got me thinking. The whole story was about perspective and believing in God’s plan for their lives. I can certainly learn from this. How often do I have the wrong perspective? How many times do I try and make the plans on my own, without considering and seeking what God had in mind? I know there have been a large number of obstacles in 2020. What perspective have you been looking at your life through? As I look towards 2021, I need to make sure that I am seeking His plan for my life and not be distracted by all the negative reports that are being thrown at me each day.

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