Jubilee Kids

Thursday, April 9, 2020

Well it was more than five minutes, yesterday. I had made an appointment to pick something up from our local store (doing our part to support local businesses). I went out to the van that I usually drive. Dead. Could not even unlock the doors. Cannot even remember when we last drove it. Decided to take the car my son usually drives. All was going smoothly, until about 10 minutes in. Transmission noise. Maybe that was a one time thing, I thought. Well it was not. I went a little further and decided this was not going to work. Called my husband to trade me cars, with the one remaining car we had. A simple chore was turning into a complete disaster. Car number two had to be towed. Need to boost car number one. Unfortunately, this is the way life goes. We can plan and organize all we want, but sometimes things are going to break down and fall apart. I have become better at dealing with these kinds of frustrations, but no where near perfect. In the grand scheme of things, it is an annoyance, but not something that is earth shattering. When things happen, leave them in the moment and continue to dwell on all that God has blessed us with.

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