Jubilee Kids

Sunday, April 25, 2021

I do not know how you have been feeling lately, but it seems to me that there are more opportunities to take offence than ever before. Maybe it is the fact that we are not running from one event to the other, so are having a chance to slow down a bit, causing us to dwell on things that we should not. I love this quote by Mother Teresa. She basically lays out all the things that could go wrong in our lives and tells us not to worry, give time or think on them. Rather, she tells us exactly as I believe Jesus would tell us, follow the plan I have for you, instead of focusing in on what is going on around you. When I consume myself with the things that are going on around me, it does not produce any of the fruits of the spirit in my life. It produces exactly the opposite. I love the last line, “It was never between you and them anyway.” We only have One to answer to at the end of our lives. We need to let that be our focus and not get distracted by things that were not meant to be taking us away from our purpose.


Nursery/Mini Church Ages 0-5 - Day 1

Bible Story

Colouring Sheet

Kid’s Church Ages 6-11 - Day 1


Teaching Segment

Pre Teen 12+ - Day 1


Teaching Segment